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Toshiba Heat Pumps. You can have it all

Your day is busy. With the press of a button, your home will be filled with a warmth ready for fun, family time. Toshiba heat pumps not only look stylish but deliver home heating technology that is healthy for your family and great for the environment – now you can have it all.

The environmental leader in air conditioning, Toshiba has developed innovative heat pump technology based on efficient temperature control, minimising energy bills and reducing your carbon footprint. Our innovative HVAC system is exclusive to Toshiba. Using DC Hybrid Twin-Rotary Inverter Compressor technology to deliver a heat pump efficiency that has been designed to warm your home, not your energy bills.

Toshiba’s reliable heating and cooling, from home to the commercial arena, has developed heat pump systems designed to maintain comfortable climate control using modern, dependable technology. Toshiba was awarded Canstar Most Satisfied Customers in 2015.

Our modern and sleek air con units made of high quality materials, blend naturally with their surroundings. Not only environmentally friendly, the Toshiba heat pump is healthy for the family and occupants. With sophisticated IAQ filtration systems to clean the air of pollutants and ionisers for allergy and asthma suffers.

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